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At Invelon, we have gained the trust of the leading Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality brands on the market, as specialists and official partners, making us a referent in the development of these applications.

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We develop solutions for different sectors and departments, with the aim of achieving maximum effectiveness and personalization in companies.

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Discover how our clients have applied Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions and how they serve companies in their production processes.

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We are digitizing agents of the Digital Kit program

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Do you need more information about any of our solutions or would you like us to assess you on how to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies into your company?

Invelon Technologies company has calculated its carbon footprint with the result of 7.72 Tn of CO₂ through the Sustainability program of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Lleida Chamber of Commerce.

Invelon Technologies SL

Polígono Activa Park, 3 Térmens Road
25191 - Lleida (Lleida)

+34 873 400 917


Invelon Corp

228 East 45th Street, Suite 9E
New York, NY 10017

Egypt Delegation

27 Khalil Mutran St., Saba Basha
Alexandria (Egipto)

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Proyecto FAV-010200-2022-29, con título Diseño y desarrollo de una nueva plataforma low code para la creación de metaversos, financiado por el Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital.