Virtual Reality technology and a soft skills simulator revolutionize job search in Andalusia

Explore the new perspectives of training with Virtual Reality

September 24, 2023

Virtual Reality technology is revolutionising training for both the employed and unemployed. Through Virtual Reality devices and cutting-edge, custom-developed software, we are opening up new opportunities for unemployed people to hone their skills and accelerate their job search process.

As pioneers in this industry, we have worked in collaboration with the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) to implement a revolutionary Virtual Reality experience in the job search. From 19-22 September, job seekers in Cordoba will have the opportunity to explore the Virtual Reality experience, specifically designed to enhance their personal and professional skills. In a short period of time, this revolutionary technology is expected to be implemented throughout Jaén and Andalusia.

Our immersive simulator technology allows participants to immerse themselves in interactive learning environments that simulate real-life work situations. This not only enhances their professional skills, such as effective communication, teamwork, creativity and critical thinking, but also empowers them to approach their job search with more confidence and skill.

Through a gamification program, we have developed different activities that aim to improve the soft skills of the users. Interactivity and level progression make the experience engaging and motivating. In addition, gamification provides immediate feedback, which motivates users to improve their skills quickly and effectively.

At Invelon, as advocates of digital transformation in job search, we believe that soft skills are the key to success in today's job market. Our Virtual Reality technology has become an invaluable resource for unemployed individuals seeking a competitive edge in their job search.

If you want to be part of this innovation and increase your chances of getting a job, we invite you to register for this unique experience at The experience is open to around 400 people, in different 30-minute sessions.

In an ever-changing world of work, we see this technology as essential to prepare people for the challenges of today's job market. At Invelon, we are committed to continuing to lead the way in making training more effective and accessible, benefiting both the unemployed and businesses.

Develop your competencies with the Soft Skills Simulator

The Soft Skills Simulator is an innovative project developed by Invelon for the Andalusian Employment Service. Designed as a Standalone Simulator, it can be used autonomously with Virtual Reality glasses, without the need to use an additional computer. The Standalone Simulator, designed for the Virtual Reality devices Pico Neo 3 and Pico 4, focuses on the development of soft skills through five specialized capsules, each one aimed at enhancing a different competence.

Its main mission is to provide users with a unique immersive experience, allowing them to improve and perfect their professional skills in the job search through Virtual Reality. The capsules that make up the simulator offer specific environments and challenges that allow users to improve crucial skills in the working world. From communication and public speaking to decision-making and teamwork.

One of the key features of this simulator is its local multi-user capsule, a collaborative experience that provides the opportunity to practice and develop skills in a shared virtual environment. This feature fosters collaboration, teamwork and real-time interaction, replicating work scenarios where collaboration is essential.

In addition, the integration of an associated web platform allows external evaluation of the performance and results obtained by each user in the Virtual Reality capsules. This tool not only provides a detailed view of individual progress, but also allows the collection of data for more in-depth and personalized analysis.

In summary, this Soft Skills Simulator not only represents an innovative tool in the field of job training, but also sets a higher standard by combining Virtual Reality technology with a detailed external evaluation with the data collected, all geared towards enhancing the users' professional growth and success.

Capsule 1: Self-assessment of transversal competences

Capsule 2: Speech with your strengths

Capsule 3: Communication and public speaking

Capsule 4: Decision-making

Capsule 5: Teamwork

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