Inspect and validate your 3D engineering designs

Manipulate and analyse 3D models through immersion

A Virtual Reality inspection software that makes it possible to manipulate and analyse 3D models in an immersive way, accelerating problem identification and design errors, increasing iterations and reducing the number of prototypes. It makes interpreting 3D model volume easier, with a wide range of functionalities (dismantling pieces, sectioning, measuring, changing materials, increasing and minimising scale, applying light sources, suspended annotations and photos...) to accelerate product validation.

Import all the files you need to the Aurora VR software

  • Import designs from your CAD editing software.
  • Import models independently from your CAD software.
  • Import 3D animations and textures from your CAD software.

Inspect your 3D model by moving around and making modifications freely

  • Free movement and teleporting around the virtual space.
  • Scaling and measurements of the 3D model in all desired dimensions.
  • Break down and section the 3D model to analyse all components.

Configure and present your product with different finishes

  • Configuration of materials (plastic, metal, wood, etc.) and light sources.
  • Ability to make annotations and take screenshots.
  • Selection of different presentation spaces.


Reduces design and ergonomic problems
Validation of product finishes
Autonomy in prototype importation
Accelerates design cycle and time-to-market
Increases iterations in the design
Reduces number of physical prototypes and costs

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