Add another dimension to your product catalogue

The tool for marketing and sales departments

AR Catalogue is an Augmented Reality solution that is designed to present your product, whether it be from a mobile application (APP) or from a web page (webAR). AR Catalogue makes it possible to place and position 3D digital models in a real environment and new products to be put on sale (product catalogue). It is possible to turn, reposition and manipulate the 3D model in order to adjust the digital products in a physical environment.

Configure your products in a digital and hyper-realistic way.

  • Configure different models of the product.
  • Configure materials and textures.
  • Configure functions and applications.

Place your digital products in a real environment

  • Adjustment of digital customised models in a real, physical environment.
  • Positioning and free movement within the space.
  • Display of the product in situ with no need for manufacture or transportation.

Add the AR Catalogue solution to your web page

  • No need to create a specific application to display the products.
  • Flexibility to integrate it wherever you desire, such as on a web page or in an online store.


Try the product before buying it
Precise and photorealistic configuration
View the product in situ
Easy to use and move
Update your projects
Brand recognition and positioning

Success stories

Discover how our clients have applied the Invelon AR Catalogue solution and how it serves them in their production process.

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