Your Virtual Reality showroom for your products

Interactive showroom

The showroom VR solution is a high-definition interactive showroom that uses the immersive power of Virtual Reality to offer an innovative product experience. Clients can bring their products to life through a purchasing experience that makes the product presentation and ordering process more agile using a virtual environment, with representations of accurate replicas of the real product and where the client can navigate with a free movement of 6º.

Provide your clients with an extraordinary product experience

  • Product display through a hyper-realistic replica.
  • Configuration of the different characteristics of the product (materials, shapes, colours, etc.).
  • Display of functionality through animation.

Guide your clients through product viewing

  • Integration of POIs (Points of Interest) of the product and/or the space.
  • UI control from the outside and with your keyboard, to guide the user through the Virtual Reality experience.
  • Free movement with 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom).

Unique configurations for a unique experience

  • Integration of interactive panels with hand tracking.
  • Integration of spatial sound and music.
  • Sensory experience with controller vibration.


Able to view anywhere
Contains more detailed information
Customisable in situ
Saves time and money
Captures the clients' attention
Brand recognition and positioning


From 799€
360º Modality

Includes 360º photos and videos and integration with the VR app; display and publication of the app on Daydream; installation and training.

From 1.699€
VR Modality

Modelling of 1 customised space; enhancement of geometry; hyper-realistic textures; integration of a model/machine; POIS system, amongst others.

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