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General information about cookies

Client trust is important to us, therefore, at Invelon Technologies we care about protecting your privacy. An important aspect of this is providing you with all the information we can about how we use your personal data, including how we use local data storage and similar technology.

Local data storage involves storing different types of data locally on your device, using your web browser. Data that is stored locally can, for example, contain the user configuration, information about how they navigate through our website, what web browser they use, what adverts they have been shown, and similar behaviour on websites we collaborate with. The locally stored data can be used to customise content and services, making your visits to the website more comfortable and useful.

One method used for storing data locally are cookies. Cookies are small files of text that are stored on your device (PC, mobile phone or tablet) that allow us to recognise your web browser. Cookies contain information mainly about your web browser and any activity that has taken place within it. They help us guarantee maximum security and functionality for our website, once you leave our website these cookies are eliminated (security and session cookies) and they collect information about products that interest those visiting our website and how they navigate through our website, so that our online offers can be more attractive for the users (monitoring cookies).

Extra cookie information

We use local data storage for a series of purposes, such as: to allow us to carry out our services; to provide you with relevant content, to personalise your visits to our websites; to measure and analyse traffic to our website; to improve our services; and to send specific advertising. More details about these topics are provided below:

  • For publicity
  • To analyse and improve our services
  • To provide services and adapt them to their use

Cookie management

You can deactivate cookies or configure your browser to warn you when you are sent a cookie.

The configuration on your web browser usually displays a list of all the cookies that have been stored to provide a general view and, if you wish, to eliminate unwanted cookies. Normally, you can indicate that you accept the storage of cookies on the website you visit or by third parties affiliated with these websites. You may also choose to be notified whenever a new cookie is stored. Below you are provided with orientation about how to do this on different web browsers. Your web browser usually stores cookies in a specific folder on a hard drive, so you may also examine the contents more closely.

However, the cookies that are present on a website change frequently, and not all cookies are equally important. Therefore, if Invelon Technologies changes the use of tracking cookies, you will be notified with a message.

Likewise, there are services available that have been specifically developed to provide users with an updated list of cookies and other tracking methods.

Bear in mind that if you deactivate them, it is possible that you will not be able to enjoy all the functionalities of our website.

Below is a summary of how locally stored data can be managed on different web browsers. Bear in mind that this process can change and the descriptions that appear below may not have been updated.

Cookie management on Google Chrome
Cookie management on Safari
Cookie management Mozilla Firefox
Cookie management on Internet Explorer
Cookie management on Opera

Contact information

For greater transparency, if you have any questions relating to the use of local storage on our website, get in touch with us at with “Cookie policy” as the subject of the email.

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