Warranty and Returns

Here you can find all the information about warranties and returns of products that you can purchase online at Invelon.

Warranty period

In general, consumer goods are subject to the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of the 16th of November, consolidated text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws (LGDCU). The seller guarantees that the product is as stated in the sales contract for a period of two years from the delivery. Within this period, in the event of nonconformity or defect, the consumer may demand the repair or replacement of the product and, if this is not possible, obtain a reduction of the price or the termination of the contract, with the exceptions and requirements specified in the LGDCU. Unless proven otherwise, it will be presumed that the nonconformities that appear in the six months after the delivery of the product already existed when it was delivered, except when this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the type of nonconformity. The consumer should inform the seller of this nonconformity within a period of two months from when become aware of it. These rights may be exercised before the seller or directly before the product manufacturer.

Those products that are acquired in order to be integrated into a production or commercial process, and therefore are excluded from the LGDCU application, will have a warranty period of no more than six months, in accordance with articles 1484 to 1491 of the Civil Code for the compensation of hidden faults and defects.

The following types of faults or defects are excluded from the warranty: 1) derived from an inappropriate or inadequate maintenance by the client; 2) derived from software, interfaces or utilities of the client or a third party; 3) derived from unauthorised modifications; 4) derived from an inappropriate use or operation outside of the specifications of the product; 5) derived from abuse, negligence, accidents, loss or damage during transportation not attributable to the seller; 6) derived from an inadequate preparation of the installation site; 7) derived from unauthorised maintenance or reparation; 8) Accidents, natural disasters or any other external cause which are out of the seller's control.

Without prejudice to the applicable legal regime, the terms and conditions of guarantee of each product are determined by its manufacturer. Without prejudice to the applicable legal regime, the warranty terms and conditions of each product will be determined by the manufacturer.

Right of withdrawal and Return Policy

If you are the final addressee of a product, subject to the LGDCU, you have up to 14 calendar days to return your purchase or part of it. The period starts from the day that you, or a third party appointed by you other than the carrier, receive the goods. In the event that in one order you have acquired multiple goods that have been delivered separately, the withdrawal period will expire 14 calendar days after you, or the third party other than the carrier, received the last of those goods. In the event you purchased an item made up of multiple components or pieces, the withdrawal period will expire 14 calendar days from the day that you, or the third party other than the carrier, received the last component or piece of material. You may return any product without stating a reason and without penalisation, as long as it has not been used or removed from its original packaging. In the event of withdrawal, we will collect the goods but the client must assume the direct cost of the return.

The amount to be returned, which will include delivery costs charged when the sale was made, will be paid using the same payment method as for the sale, unless you choose a different one, up to 14 calendar days from when we receive notification of the withdrawal. From the amount to be reimbursed, the costs incurred from collecting the returned items will be deducted. This will be approximately, and at most, equivalent to the delivery costs incurred when purchasing the product.

The right to withdrawal will be rejected in the case of products acquired to be used in a production or commercial process and, therefore, not subject to the application of the LGDCU.

How to return an order

1. Within the legal period, you must send an email to info@invelon.com, expressing the unequivocal choice to terminate the contract and to provide the order or receipt number, as well as the reference or description of the item or items to be returned.

2. You will receive an authorisation of the return via email and also a dispatch note that you should give to the courier service along with the item or items that are being returned.

3. We will provide you with a courier service that will pick up the item or items, in perfect packaging condition, that may withdraw from the collection if there are any irregularities in the original packaging. You will not have to pay the courier anything.

4. The reimbursement will be paid for through a bank transfer to the bank account number you provide us with, taking into account that the cost to collect the returned item or items will be deducted. The amount it costs to collect the item will never be more than the costs incurred by the original delivery.

The delivery arrived with damage or defects caused by transportation

• Whenever you receive a delivery of an online purchase, you must check the total contents of the delivery in front of the courier that delivered it. If you approve of what you have received, you may sign the courier's dispatch note or telematic device.

• If the courier is not able to wait for you to verify your delivery, you should indicate this on the dispatch note or telematic device before signing, by writing, for example, "not checked" and indicating this to the courier.

• If you perceive any damage or defects of the received goods, you should communicate this, up to 24 hours after the delivery, to info@invelon.com.

If you attach photos that show the state of the delivery, this will help us make a complaint to the courier service about the imperfections.

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