Simulated environments in which to help train your employees

Improve your employee training using Virtual Reality

Training VR is a platform of training capsules that intends to create a Virtual Reality classroom in order to train and prepare students and technicians in their specialised fields. Through Virtual Reality, the intention is to recreate facilities and train students in a virtual environment where they can improve their abilities and capabilities, without the dangers of real facilities.

Optimise training with interactive training capsules

  • Didactic platform in an interactive environment, for training through gamification methods.
  • Assisted training with a virtual assistant.
  • Sequences of interactive content, with both continuous and discontinuous training.

Access from different platforms and with multiple users.

  • Multiuser access.
  • Remote access or in-person access.
  • Train using Virtual Reality goggles or PC.

Access to reports and metrics of all users

  • Evaluate the user with two types of exams.
  • Knowledge of each worker's or student's progress.
  • Access to metrics regarding time and action of each user.


Reduces accidents and occupational risk
Makes training easier
Reduces necessary training staff
Standardises procedures and substitutes physical manuals
Reduces costs
Physical barriers no longer exist

Success stories

Discover how our clients have applied the Invelon Training VR solution and how it serves them in their production process.

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