4-Legged Robots

Robotics for inspection and assistance in hazardous areas and digitisation of environments

Quadruped Robots securely access where humans cannot

Quadruped Robots, also known as 4 Legged Robots, have a number of applications that are very useful for sectors such as industry. At Invelon we are official partners of Unitree robots, which are characterised by their versatility, dynamism, advanced technology and affordability.

Make exploration in difficult terrain, industrial inspections, search and rescue assistance, etc. possible

  • Equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras that allow them to interact with their environment and humans.
  • Designed to move in an agile and stable manner, with sophisticated control algorithms and sensor systems to maintain balance and adapt to different terrains. They can walk, jog, run and even jump with ease.
  • Fast, true-to-life 3D scanning to build plans of the area, which support the intervention.

Perform movements and routes manually or programmed with Python, C++ or Unitree Studio.

  • Unitree robots provide an API that allows access to different functions and capabilities of the robot.
  • They can be created and controlled through Python, C++ or Unitree Studio programming.
  • They have a controller that allows users to take direct control of the robot, which is useful for situations where direct intervention is required.

Extend its capabilities by connecting accessories and add-ons

  • Additional cameras for capturing 360° environments or digitising them with LiDAR technology (topography, point cloud).
  • Additional sensors such as proximity, temperature, pressure, to improve the robot's perception and sensing capabilities.
  • Payloads such as robotic arms or loading platforms, which enable specific tasks to be performed, such as grasping objects, manipulating tools or transporting loads.

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Accident reduction
Mobility and access to hazardous areas
Ease of use and scheduling
Stability and resilience
Opens up possibilities in the field of research
Facilitates and speeds up interventions

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