Stimulating the most creative minds

Allow students to let their imaginations run wild. Discover the endless possibilities in the development of artistic and craft abilities. The virtual platform serves as a new tool that inspires creative learning amongst students.

A boost for creativity
Allows for practice
Offers more complete knowledge
Helpful for training

Immersive games

Using Virtual Reality in the classroom means including immersive games, virtual excursions and some interactive sessions for children with special needs. Such immersive experiences based on games make students highly innovative, as things that are not possible in real life become so in Virtual Reality.

Travel to other places and moments of historic importance
A way of understanding history
Exploration in different sizes
Encourages empathy

Special industrial training

Virtual Reality technology (VR) is used mainly for educational training purposes in the industry. From surgeons to mechanics, everyone can reap the benefits of this technology.

Students manage to work four times faster
Confidence increases after putting knowledge into practice
The emotional connection with classmates increases several times over
With VR equipment, motivation is four times higher

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