Exploring Augmented Reality solutions for frontline operators at Invelon and TeamViewer workshop

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October 3, 2023
  • Presenting in Lleida state-of-the-art Augmented Reality solutions that simplify the complexity of front-line procedures such as assembly, maintenance and inspections
  • The attendees had the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive vision of 4.0 technologies by visiting the INGROUP showroom, where the most advanced technologies become tangible

At Invelon's facilities in Lleida, a workshop was held that offered a complete overview of how to integrate technologies such as Augmented Reality into industrial environments. The event, full of interaction and live learning, focused on TeamViewer Frontline solutions to create Augmented Reality guides to guide frontline workers during maintenance, assembly, and inspections.

Attendees were able to enjoy a unique experience, discovering how to integrate Augmented Reality in the industrial field in an accessible and practical way. Through the use of mobile devices or Augmented Reality glasses, it has been demonstrated how 3D technology can significantly improve different business processes without requiring large financial investments or the development of expensive software.

The event was attended by experts Guillaume Desbois, Channel Manager at TeamViewer, and Alan Navarro, Business Developer and TeamViewer Specialist at Invelon, who answered all the participants' questions and provided valuable information on the implementation of this technology in their projects.

A highlight of the workshop was that attendees were able to try out the devices live and actively participate in the creation of workflows and then view them through Augmented Reality glasses. These types of events provide great opportunities to better demonstrate how the technology works and to appreciate the great value that can be derived from integrating it into your operations.

The workshop also included a delicious breakfast to recharge and strengthen the interaction between experts and attendees. To add to the excitement, we raffled off a TeamViewer x Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 T-shirt by means of an interactive quiz with questions about the event. Gerard was the participant with the highest number of correct answers and the fastest, taking home the official sponsorship T-shirt. For those who didn't win, there were gifts to take away as souvenirs of the event.

All in all, the workshop was a great success in demonstrating how Augmented Reality is transforming the industry and how companies can leverage this technology to optimise their operations. This event is a testament to the partnership between Invelon and TeamViewer and their aim to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the business community - don't miss the opportunity to join us at future events and continue learning and innovating with us!

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