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We have teamed up with Canon Spain to offer a unique vision for the future of virtual reality. Together, we are driving innovation in immersive 3D content creation with the Canon R5 C camera and Dual Fisheye lens. The launch of these devices marks an exciting breakthrough in the virtual reality market and in the production of content designed specifically to be consumed through this technology.

Create 3D content for Virtual Reality viewing

Two lenses, one sensor

The cameras can record two images on a single Full Frame sensor, simplifying camera setup without the need for synchronization and ensuring consistency in color and settings.

Efficient management and conversion of individual files

Simultaneous capture of left and right eye images on one sensor simplifies file management, eliminating the need to align and synchronize images.

EOS camera system

The EOS R5 or R5 C cameras with 8K sensor offer flexibility and familiarity for operators, capturing in Canon Log/Log3 for high resolution images and wide dynamic range, providing an immersive and realistic experience in the final recording.

Simplify the production experience with cutting-edge Canon technology

Canon's solution for capturing 180° VR content simplifies the entire process. With cameras like the EOS R5 or R5 C and its RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lens, you can easily capture in stereoscopic VR. Eliminating alignment and synchronization issues, this technology allows you to directly capture a dual fisheye image in a single file, thus facilitating the process of converting and exporting to a final equirectangular VR image. In addition, you can control the camera remotely with Canon's EOS Utility or Camera Connect.

Optimize Virtual Reality content editing with EOS VR Utility

Previous complexity in aligning, synchronizing and integrating camera and file systems for VR content conversion is now a thing of the past, thanks to Canon's EOS VR Utility. This software simplifies the process of converting stereoscopic recordings and photographs, enabling much more efficient editing and playback. In addition, integration with Adobe Premiere Pro makes it even easier to automatically import and convert footage into VR content for professional productions.

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