Create new possibilities for your business using new technologies

Reinvent your company using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Would you like to plan a training programme for your company and employees about these new technologies? At Invelon, we organize and develop training that is customised to each company's needs and for every kind of product, so that you can learn: how to use them, the advantages of using them, how the competition is using them and, of course, so you can experience live demonstrations using multiple solutions.

We adapt and customise training programmes to each sector and company

  • We create training programmes that are exclusive to each company, according to: the sector they belong to, applications, production processes and goals.
  • We adapt the level and duration of the training, based on the needs and knowledge of the workers or students.
  • Our goal is to give valuable information that helps you reap real and quantifiable benefits.

We bring value to your company with the technology that best adapts to your needs

  • We create and develop training programmes after a consultation process.
  • We study and analyse all Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions to completely adapt them to your production processes.
  • It is possible to divide training sessions by departments, whether they are design, technical, maintenance, human resources and occupational risk prevention or marketing and sales departments, amongst others.

Learn about new technologies through practical training

  • Our training is carried out using theoretical and, above all, practical content.
  • We give live demonstrations, that you can also carry out.
  • We always use multiple Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality devices available on the market in our training.


Reduces accidents and occupational risks
Makes training easier
Reduces necessary training staff
Standardises procedures and substitutes physical manuals
Reduces costs
Physical barriers no longer exist

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Invelon Technologies company has calculated its carbon footprint with the result of 7.72 Tn of CO₂ through the Sustainability program of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Lleida Chamber of Commerce.