At Invelon we are official distributors of Oculus Business Virtual Reality equipment. The Oculus brand offers Virtual Reality glasses that eliminate physical barriers and provide new ways to connect, collaborate and learn. Our team specialises in developing Virtual Reality solutions and integrating them with the necessary Oculus hardware to provide end-to-end solutions. In addition, we also offer technical service and support whenever needed.


Equipment for design departments and technical office, such as prototype validation and final review.


Specialised for high-risk security simulations and maintenance procedures.

Marketing and sales

High-end, top-quality equipment offering a unique and realistic customer experience.

Compatible with our VR solutions

All Oculus equipment integrates seamlessly with our Virtual Reality solutions, such as the Training Capsules. As a result, we can offer our customers free-motion experiences with optimal resolution.

Experiences that lead to success

Oculus hardware enables you to take training, wellness, creation and collaborative work to the next level. In doing so, it helps companies train their employees, drive collaboration, increase productivity and much more.

Oculus Quest 2

Get more movement now compared to the previous generation, with four cameras integrated into the headset. Thanks to their improved, more ergonomic design, the controllers are more comfortable to hold.

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Discover all the applications of Oculus Quest 2 and the great benefits it can bring to your company.

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Invelon Technologies company has calculated its carbon footprint with the result of 7.72 Tn of CO₂ through the Sustainability program of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Lleida Chamber of Commerce.