By using Virtual Reality (VR), virtual showrooms can showcase everything, from multiple products to different machine models, without having to physically store these products and with the aim of checking with the client before manufacturing the final product.

In situ customisation
Brand recognition
Able to view anywhere
Saves time and money
Your Virtual Reality showroom for your products

Product catalogue

Virtual technologies allow products and catalogues to be presented in Augmented and Virtual Reality through interface customisation and the programming of key functions; achieving a higher impact on sales and adding value to their products.

Projects can be updated
Modifiable attributes
Able to view anywhere
Very easy to use and transport
Add another dimension to your product catalogue

Use cases


Thanks to Showroom VR, at TMI, clients can be shown a 3D model of a machine through Virtual Reality before construction, therefore improving the development stage of the design.


The project developed for Aquavia Spa originated from the need to provide a unique, first-hand, sensorial experience for the potential user.

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