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Logistics Optimization with Augmented Reality: TeamViewer Frontline xPick at Coca-Cola HBC




Augmented and Mixed Reality


TeamViewer xPick

The implemented solution: TeamViewer Frontline xPick

Frontline xPick is a vision picking solution that facilitates order picking, goods sorting, inventory control and warehouse logistics and management. 

TeamViewer's Frontline xPick solution facilitates the visualisation of all information in the logistics process, using Augmented and Mixed Reality. With a simple scan, it allows you to locate your products and their data to simplify picking tasks. With TeamViewer Frontline xPick you can optimise your logistics processes to the maximum thanks to the hands-free option. 

Coca-Cola HBC is one of the companies that has opted for the digitalisation of its logistics processes, implementing the TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution, with which it has achieved 100% accuracy in its picking service. 

About Coca-Cola HBC

Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) is one of the world's largest bottling companies in terms of volume, producing the full range of The Coca-Cola Company's products. 

It has a presence in more than 28 countries and has a sales volume of more than two billion cases each year. 

At the Coca-Cola HBC distribution centre, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, a team of more than 10 picking operators picks and prepares orders of various products for a large number of customers. Cases and packs of shrink-wrapped bottles and cans are packed onto pallets to be sorted and distributed to the various delivery trucks. For order picking, they use pallet truck-mounted tablets and radio frequency (RF) scanners.

What does Coca-Cola HBC need?

Coca-Cola HBC was looking to improve the quality of its picking service and the accuracy of pallet packing in its warehouses. It also wanted to find a method to optimise the rest of its logistics processes and improve the level of customer satisfaction.  

The constant search for innovation has led Coca Cola HBC to experiment with solutions that can benefit both its customers and consumers. Thanks to Augmented Reality and a remote assistance and warehouse management solution such as Frontline xPick, the company can obtain multiple benefits, such as increasing efficiency, while improving customer satisfaction.


In order to improve and optimise its processes, Coca-Cola HBC implemented the TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution together with the Augmented Reality glasses RealWear HMT-1. Thanks to this solution, picking operators can see the items and pallets, the exact locations and the right quantities of product in their field of vision, thanks to the suspended information they can see through the Augmented Reality glasses.

The method of confirming that they have picked in the correct location is by scanning a QR code on each pallet with the same RealWear HMT-1 glasses. In addition, with the adoption of this technology, picking operators can perform their tasks with their hands completely free.  

Frontline xPick facilitates manual order picking, incoming, outgoing and sorting of goods, inventory control, sequencing and more processes within the logistics and warehouse management sector. The orders are displayed step-by-step, as the SAP production system of Coca-Cola HBC and the warehouse management system were integrated for the purpose of order data management. In this way, the status of all orders is automatically updated. 

The TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution is multi-language, which means that each employee can choose in which language to view information, in this case with a choice of 32 languages.  

In turn, Coca-Cola HBC can provide a safe and efficient environment for picking operators.

Results and benefits

Within months of implementing the TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution, picking performance at Coca-Cola HBC increased by six to eight percent, improving picking accuracy by 99.99%. They currently have the solution implemented in 16 of their plants around the world. 

One of the main benefits of the Frontline xPick warehouse management software is the ability to provide real-time information on the inventory available in the warehouses, being able to solve critical issues such as item location and inventory control. 

Picking workers at Coca-Cola HBC are satisfied with the implemented vision picking solution. The tasks that the front-line workers have to perform on a daily basis are simplified and they can work more comfortably and efficiently, as they always have both hands free. 

By implementing Frontline xPick's patented, award-winning vision picking solution, Coca-Cola HBC has been able to reduce its operating costs and the time spent on each task. At the same time, it is a solution that offers great flexibility and customisation, increases agility and productivity and reduces human error.

Client's feedback
Thanks to the integration of the innovative TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution, Coca-Cola HBC has been able to improve the productivity of our warehouses, as well as the operational efficiency of our picking teams. The result has been increased customer satisfaction and a significant improvement in the services we offer.

Suzana Rari, Supply Chain Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Greece and Cyprus

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