Configure and personalise your architectural projects in Virtual Reality

Visit buildings and configure all rooms in Virtual Reality

Through Virtual Reality viewings, the user can immerse themself in the architectural model, walking freely around the building and observing the finishes and the design. With the aim of improving user mobility throughout the building, a points of interest system, determined by the architect, has been developed. This makes it possible to navigate the most interesting areas of the property easily, increasing user exploration. The user can modify the lighting in the house and natural lighting from sunlight (morning, noon, afternoon and night).

Move freely and teleport around the building

  • Move around the whole building to observe the finishes and designs in the different rooms.
  • Teleport immediately to any part of the space.
  • POIs (Points of Interest) integration that make it possible to navigate easily through the most interesting parts of the building, increasing user exploration and mobility around the property.

Unique configurations for a unique experience

  • Space configuration to change the type and texture of the floors, walls and furniture (including the distribution). These configurations are live, so the user can see the changes instantly and explore the different combinations.
  • Lighting modification in the building, including natural lighting (morning, noon, afternoon and night) which can be adjusted gradually.
  • Integration of specific desired textures from wall, floor and furniture catalogues, although we have several that are already integrated.

Achieve maximum flexibility and adaptability

  • Export client configurations with the selection of floor and wall finishes.
  • Export client customisations, in Tour 360º format, that can be published on the website.
  • Create moving people and vehicles in the space, to create a more realistic experience.


Radical experience
Presentation tool
Increases agility and flexibility
Time-efficient and improved filtering
Brand recognition


From 1.000€
Showbuilding VR

Through Virtual Reality viewings, the user immerses themself in the architectural model and is able to walk freely around the whole building, observing the finishes and decoration.

Use cases

Discover how our clients have applied the Invelon Showbuilding VR solution and how it serves them in their production process.


UdL (University of Lleida) uses Aurora VR and Space configuration solutions that guarantee practical training for students and can be applied in the workplace.