Pre-surgery planning for better results

Virtual Reality human anatomy models and Virtual Reality environments allow health care professionals to gain insight without working on a real human body. This is useful for experienced professionals, and students that undertake new high-risk procedures.

Greater guarantee of client safety and privacy
Minimises errors in final surgery
Provides custom context and prevents unexpected stimuli
Saves on expensive equipment

Training and preparation

Virtual Reality training offers medical professionals the best on-line practise and preparation that allows them to attend to patients without compromise. Ultimately, this translates into less cases of negligence, which reduces the cost of civil liability insurance.

Accelerates the learning cycle
Increases iteration
Allows for errors with no consequences
Saves costs on expensive equipment

Quick design validation

Medical products need to be able to meet patients' needs and comply with very strict requirements. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) ensure the smooth development and refinement of the adaptation and creation processes.

Accelerates problem identification
Reduces design and ergonomics errors
Reduces costs and need for physical prototypes
Validation of product finishes

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