Guided tours

Virtual Reality makes it possible to attend guided tours anywhere in the world, allowing tourists to visit their destinations virtually before planning a real trip. This is particularly helpful when travellers want to learn about smaller and less frequented places.

Get to know the destination before travelling
Improve the company image
Interactive experience
More satisfied clients

Display of destinations and accommodation options

Travel and hotel agencies also showcase possible destinations and acommodation using interactive technology to allow potential clients to experiment and explore countries or hotels, before booking.

Improved engagement and purchasing experience
Dynamic and visual information
Visits without leaving the agency
New and recommendable experiences
Configure and personalise your architectural projects in Virtual Reality
The solution to showcase your facilities from all perspectives

Use cases


Interactive resource accessible and available to all; with which, through the website, a 3D interactive and animated model of each ski slope can be viewed. 


Interactive and didactive Virtual Reality solution that allows users to experience the ancient production process of dry stone walling.

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