Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality remote support solution for frontline operators

TeamViewer Frontline xAssist is a solution that offers innovative remote support and is available on all common Augmented Reality glasses models. The solution helps you reduce response time and save on travel costs.

Solve problems quickly with Augmented Reality

  • Avoid production downtime and high costs due to malfunctions and factory shutdowns
  • TeamViewer Frontline xAssist offers several interactive functions: remote assistance, live troubleshooting, service management and Augmented Reality features
  • Easily connects a technical expert with employees in the event of a problem. Thanks to smart glasses, the remote expert sees exactly what the on-site technician sees. This is possible thanks to real-time video and audio streaming

Reduced downtime and increased productivity

  • The technician's hands are free and can immediately follow the expert's instructions
  • Minimizing downtime and reducing travel costs results in a quick return on investment
  • Closes knowledge gaps in your company and reduces delays in decision making for your employees


Reduces operational costs
Improve the quality of remote support
Avoid travel costs
Faster technician execution
Increases worker efficiency
Provides an optimal working environment

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