Step-by-step holographic instructions to standardise processes and improve trainings

Workplace orientation with Augmented and Mixed Reality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides allows you to quickly and easily create step-by-step holographic instructions and visualise them in Augmented and Mixed Reality. In this way, technicians can see 3D content aligned and anchored with the physical world and execute tasks in situ and in real time. Discover how Augmented and Mixed Reality can facilitate maintenance tasks, technical support and worker training, optimising production and reducing the learning curve.

Improve employee productivity with advanced instructions

  • Create interactive guides, without the need for programming or 3D skills.
  • Customise the learning experience with photos, videos, 3D models and turn it into an interactive learning tool.
  • Visualise 3D content anchored to the real environment to quickly and visually identify where to perform tasks.

Work with the hands-free option, thanks to the Microsoft HoloLens 2 device

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 allows you to create your own digital workspace to interact with different applications simultaneously.
  • View holographic information in the best resolution, while you perform tasks in your real environment.
  • Thanks to the improved design and exceptional ergonomics, you can work with HoloLens 2 for longer and more comfortably. When it's time to switch tasks, lift the visor for a completely unobstructed field of view.

Digitise knowledge and standardise processes

  • Maximise operational efficiency and turn the company's knowledge into a reusable tool.
  • Analyses each worker's processes and identifies where training is needed most, thanks to performance data.
  • Avoid training and maintenance trips, reducing costs, risk of delays and carbon footprint.


Reduces operational costs
Improve training quality
Reduced training staff required
Faster execution of tasks
Increased worker efficiency
Provides a safe working environment

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