Invelon pioneer in linking Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality with 5G technology

May 5, 2022
  • The connection has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between INVELON and i2CAT Foundation in the 5G laboratory of Ponent 'Lleida ON', located in the Cambra de Comerç de Lleida
  • The demonstration has been presented as part of the Lleida Mobile Week, an initiative of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, which will be held in the capital until May 7

Lleida, 6 May 2022. The Lleida-based company INVELON was the first to connect Mixed Reality, a combination of virtual images superimposed on the real world, with 5G connectivity through a solution that facilitates remote assistance and digital interconnection between companies.

Within the framework of the conference '5G, la tecnología que canviarà el món', and thanks to the coverage available to the Àrea 5G de Ponent, the demonstration was carried out and it was possible to put into practice a simulation of remote assistance through Mixed Reality glasses connected to a small antenna, SmallCell, which ensures 5G connectivity to the laboratory provided by Telefónica. Lleida ON is connected to Telefónica's network of The Thinx laboratories, specialised in the Internet of Things (IOT).

The main features of the leap from 4G to 5G, which is expected to be incorporated in the next few years, will be the increase in mass experiences thanks to improved bandwidth, the management of up to one million devices per square metre and real-time communications with high reliability and low latency as well as the explosion of IoT.

INVELON integrates Extended Reality solutions, which can be connected with 5G technology to provide real-time assistance, validate engineering projects remotely, visit spaces, without the need to physically travel to the site, thus avoiding unnecessary travel, reducing costs and reducing the carbon footprint.


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Invelon Technologies company has calculated its carbon footprint with the result of 7.72 Tn of CO₂ through the Sustainability program of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Lleida Chamber of Commerce.