Case Study: Siemens Gas and Power

Efficient digitization of picking at Siemens Gas and Power with Augmented Reality and TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution


Siemens Gas and Power


Augmented and Mixed Reality


TeamViewer Frontline xPick

The implemented solution: TeamViewer Frontline xPick

TeamViewer Frontline xPick is a solution that displays all the information that a picking operator may need during his activity, directly in his field of vision, with an Augmented Reality viewer.

Siemens is one of the companies that has implemented the TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution with the aim of digitalising all its picking processes.

About Siemens Gas and Power

Siemens Gas and Power is one of the world's largest energy companies. Its solutions and services focus on the production, processing and transportation of oil and gas, power generation in thermal power plants and power transmission. Together with its customers, Siemens addresses the constantly developing requirements of industry and society. 

The company has a presence in several countries, but operates mainly from a logistics centre in the south of Berlin, where spare parts for gas turbines manufactured in Berlin are handled. And from this logistics centre, customers throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East are served.

What does Siemens Gas and Power need?

Spare parts leaving the logistics centre in Berlin have to be documented, both for customers and for the import customs authorities. Previously, Siemens had to take photographs manually each time they prepared an order for a customer, which slowed down the process. At the same time, they had to manually scan the barcode for each spare part.

In the changing energy market, customer requirements are also constantly changing. For this reason, Siemens Gas and Power aimed to shorten delivery times from the warehouse to the end customer by digitising the warehouses through continuous digital picking processes and avoiding at all times the use of paper and other manual devices that slowed down the processes even further. 

On the other hand, one of Siemens' needs was to have an automated supply of information in digital form. In other words, to create a digital archive of items that could be of use to other departments, customers or entities. In this case, Siemens required an archive that would store photographs of individual spare parts for the import customs authorities. 

Siemens Gas and Power used the Vuzix M300 Augmented Reality viewers, together with the Hyco W26 wireless ring scanner, to increase efficiency in the company's warehouses. The intuitive user interface graphically represented the shelf structures, allowing employees to easily see where to pick each part from.

Results and benefits

Thanks to the TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution, Siemens has been able to digitise the entire picking process. Through Augmented Reality devices, picking operators can visualise the shelves and spare parts in the logistics centre. Moreover, they have managed to replace all paper manuals, making it easier for the picking operators to prepare and manage all orders. 

Siemens has easily integrated the product and order information into the Augmented Reality glasses, so that the operators can visualise all the information necessary to prepare the orders, also automating the assignment of photographs to the corresponding order. In this way, Siemens manages to automate the entire order preparation process, with the photographs taken by means of the Vuzix M300 Augmented Reality device, without the need to take photographs manually with other devices. 

In addition, by integrating ring scanners, they can replace bulky handheld scanners, simplifying the picking process even further. And at the same time, they can find and allocate the right items more quickly, as the exact locations within the warehouse are visualised through the Augmented Reality glasses. 

Thus, by replacing bulky scanners and being able to pick with both hands completely free to perform the tasks, they also manage to improve the ergonomics of the process.

Client's feedback
Once we implemented the TeamViewer Frontline xPick solution, we realised how necessary it was to digitise the picking process in our company. Working with voice-controlled Augmented Reality glasses, which allow you to work with your hands completely free, has increased operational efficiency. It also makes it easier to train new employees.

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