BIM integration with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality transforms the way in which engineers design buildings, as it allows them to experiment with different aspects of a building, such as the design, materials and lighting. The realistic VR elements allow the integration of BIM methodology with Virtual Reality, meaning work can be shown. Our solutions make it possible to apply new functionalities and even view the same file with anyone in the world.

Training in the building sector
Competitive advantage
Saves time and money
Simulation of real-life scenarios

Visit a building site

Virtual Reality makes it possible to start working instantly from the development of a project and planning a visit, to maintaining a building.

Visits without leaving the office
Saves time and money
Increases business agility and flexibility
Instant access to the complete home

Product catalogues and presentation of projects for clients

Why wait until the end of a project to get feedback from a client? Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) allow clients to go on virtual tours through the projects and understand what they look like and how they feel. In addition, being able to edit the architectural design before or during the construction process saves a lot of money, avoids complicated reparations and helps eliminate communication problems.

Improved engagement and purchasing experience
Differentiate your company from the competition
Dynamic and visual information
Personalised experience

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Discover all the aplications of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in architecture and the great benefits it can bring to your company.

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