Make-by-Vision for guided manufacturing and production

Digitization of guided processes and training

TeamViewer Frontline xMake is an innovative Make-by-Vision solution for manufacturing processes. It provides your employees with dynamic step-by-step instructions directly in their field of vision.

Provide dynamic step-by-step instructions to your employees

  • Companies are challenged to minimize the natural human error rate to ensure quality
  • xMake reduces personal workload
  • Flexibility and adaptability to multiple processes: assistance and instructions in assembly, manufacturing, quality control and employee training

Say goodbye to paper manuals thanks to Augmented Reality

  • With the help of smart glasses, the user always has all the necessary information at a glance, while both hands remain free for the activity
  • Cameras and sensors provide a standard quality assurance system that ensures perfect results for every step of production
  • The solution is mobile, requires only a Wi-Fi connection and is adaptable to the language and qualifications of each employee

New process standards with integrated Augmented Reality solutions

  • Integration of a sensor with scales, voice commands, light sensors, push buttons or image recognition. This reduces the complexity of documentation
  • In case of a malfunction or defect on the production line, employees can access the integrated remote support function
  • xMake reduces training and familiarisation time and resources


Increases agility and productivity
Decreases human error
Standardises procedures and replaces physical manuals
Offers great flexibility and customisation
Facilitates and speeds up training
Reduces the number of staff required for training

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