Augmented Reality for inspection and maintenance

Digitize maintenance processes with Visual Inspection

With TeamViewer Frontline xInspect you digitise your knowledge with step-by-step instructions for repair and maintenance. It is an innovative solution that uses smart glasses to improve service and planned maintenance processes in various branches of industry: guided diagnostics, guided troubleshooting, checklist review and automatic documentation.

All necessary information at a glance at all times

  • Technicians face two challenges when performing maintenance and repair tasks: they need both hands free and rely on additional information
  • With xInspect in the smart glasses, the technician has all relevant information, checklists, diagrams, etc. directly in front of his eyes
  • The worker can move freely and sensor data can be integrated in real time

More efficient and transparent processes with Industrial Augmented Reality

  • Step-by-step instructions and integrated quality control streamline maintenance processes
  • Training of new employees is facilitated by fast knowledge transfer
  • Work is safer thanks to visualisation of process-related hazard warnings


Reduces operating costs
Improves maintenance quality
Increases agility and productivity
Easy knowledge transfer
Increases worker efficiency
Offers high flexibility and customisation

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