Add another dimension to your architectural projects

Project your designs in Augmented Reality

At Invelon, we offer a mobile application that presents homes in 3D, allowing the user to navigate freely around the building on a 360º tour, ending with a projection of the building in Augmented Reality. Using this solution, the user can get to know the building's location, external structure, finishing touches and also go on a 360º tour around the home.

Immerse yourself in all areas of the home

  • 3D navigation of the building and different rooms.
  • Integration of Tour 360º in the home.
  • Integration of POIs (Points of interests) that allow you to navigate easily through the most interesting areas of the home, increasing user exploration and mobility throughout the building.

Provide a different and realistic purchasing experience

  • Volumetric reconstruction of adjoining buildings.
  • Projection in Augmented Reality on a real scale or in miniature.
  • Display of the location and the surroundings.

Achieve maximum flexibility and adaptability

  • Integration of real 360º photos, inside the model.
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS.
  • Possibility of integrating a contact form into the mobile application, in order to register all prospective clients.


Improved purchasing experience
Recreation of settings and information
Display in situ
Maximum personalisation
Instant access
Competitive differentiation

Success stories

Discover how our clients have applied the Invelon Showbuilding AR solution and how it serves them in their production process.

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