Case Study: La Palma del Condado

Discover La Palma del Condado: Augmented Reality and 360º Videos in an Immersive Tourist App


La Palma del Condado


Augmented Reality and 360º videos


Mobile application that combines Augmented Reality and 360º videos, designed to boost tourism in the municipality

The implemented solution: Augmented Reality mobile application and 360º videos

In response to the growing demand for tourism and the need to offer a more immersive experience to visitors, an Augmented Reality mobile application was developed for the municipality of La Palma del Condado. This application allows tourists to explore the places of interest in the municipality in a unique and exciting way, using Augmented Reality technology and 360 degree videos. A total of 11 locations are included, allowing tourists to explore a wide variety of points of interest.

Using the camera on their mobile devices, tourists can see virtual images superimposed on the real view in real time, providing detailed and relevant information about the points of interest as they move around the municipality. In addition, the app includes the information in written form and also narrated by characters of the time. The information is consumed unattended, giving visitors the flexibility to explore at their own pace and according to their interests.

A highlight of the app is that once the narration about the historical sites is finished, the user can test themselves with a quiz, offering an even more interactive and gamified experience. This adds a playful element that encourages participation and learning during the visit.

The Augmented Reality mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing a wide range of tourists to access the experience. The app has been developed in several languages, including Spanish, English, French and German, to ensure that international visitors can enjoy the app and immerse themselves in the history and culture of the municipality.

About La Palma del Condado

La Palma del Condado es un hermoso municipio ubicado en la provincia de Huelva, España. Con una rica historia, una vibrante cultura y una belleza natural impresionante, el municipio cuenta con una gran variedad de atracciones turísticas. Sin embargo, para maximizar su potencial turístico, se requería una solución que pudiera conectar de manera más efectiva con los visitantes y ofrecerles una experiencia más inmersiva y memorable.

La Palma del Condado is a beautiful municipality located in the province of Huelva, Spain. With a rich history, vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty, the municipality boasts a wide variety of tourist attractions. However, to maximise its tourism potential, a solution was required that could more effectively connect with visitors and offer them a more immersive and memorable experience.

What does La Palma del Condado need?

La Palma del Condado needed a solution that could enhance the tourist experience and attract more visitors to the municipality. The implementation of an Augmented Reality mobile application was the perfect answer to achieve these objectives. The application offers a guided tour of the places of interest in the municipality, providing detailed information in several languages, such as Spanish, English, French and German.


Better connection with the tourist: The application allows a more direct and personalised interaction with tourists, improving the connection between them and the municipality. Visitors can explore places of interest autonomously, while receiving detailed and relevant information in real time.

More attractive tourist offer: Augmented Reality and 360-degree videos offer a visually stunning experience, making the municipality's tourist offer even more attractive. Tourists can immerse themselves in the attractions and enjoy a unique and immersive perspective.

Immersive and memorable experience: Thanks to Augmented Reality technology, tourists can live an immersive experience while exploring the sights of La Palma del Condado. This creates lasting memories and a memorable tourist experience.

More satisfied tourists: The interactivity and gamification of the app make the visit more entertaining and exciting. Tourists can participate in interactive challenges and activities, which increases their attention and overall satisfaction.

Interaction and gamification: The app encourages interaction between tourists and the municipality through playful challenges and activities. This increases visitor engagement and promotes further exploration of the municipality's attractions.

Customer feedback
"Tourists who have used the Augmented Reality mobile application to explore La Palma del Condado have expressed their satisfaction with the experience. They highlight the visual quality of the application, the ease of use and the amount of information provided. Visitors value positively the interactivity offered by the application with the quiz. In general, the application has received a positive response from tourists and has contributed to improve the image of La Palma del Condado as a smart city tourist destination".

Download the app and immerse yourself in the culture of La Palma del Condado

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