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The implemented solution: SHOWROOM VR

For the marketing of their products, both during participation in agricultural fairs and during visits to their customers, they need to show the differences and specific characteristics of each product. But in no case is it sustainable to take them all with you. For this reason, Argilés was looking for a new innovative methodology, such as Showroom VR, with which to showcase its extensive catalogue of agricultural machinery. They wanted to give their potential customers the chance to see all their models, their features, and the option that best suits their crops.

About the company ARGILÉS

Argilés Disseny i Fabricació S.L. is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of machines specialised in agricultural work, with a solvent track record of more than 40 years. The machines they work with are designed for different types of crops, which consequently also have different needs for their manufacture, the different types of designs of their parts or the way they are marketed.

In general, the agricultural machines that Argilés has are atomisers, nebulisers, sprinklers, herbicides, cannons and humidifiers. And the more their parts can be adapted, the better they will work in the different types of crops that are grown with them. In addition, each machine model requires these parts to be of a specific size and power. And as you might expect, they are expensive to produce and manufacture.

What does ARGILÉS need?

Argilés decided to contact us to find out if Virtual Reality technology could support their company's activity in a beneficial way for the objective they were looking for. Given the need in the company, from Invelon Technologies we evaluated different possibilities to meet their objectives, until we found the most appropriate solution for them: the implementation of Showroom VR.

Showroom VR technology is a solution where, through a Virtual Reality space, we create a place where the designed machinery can be inspected and tested. The benefits of our Showroom VR solution allow the company to show its products through a 100% virtual space. With this, it is not necessary to have their machines to be shown to their customers, as they can see them and even test them through Virtual Reality, just the goal they wanted to achieve.

As the proposal was perfect for the company, they didn't think twice and started the procedures for us to begin to carry out our project. In a very short time, the accepted proposal became a reality. We put all our efforts and a great professional team in the implementation of Virtual Reality for the company Argilés. And the result was an absolute success.


Now, with the Showroom VR solution, not only Argilés can check the correct operation of its different agricultural machines, but also its customers can see how they work without having to physically see them in front of them or go in person to the company's headquarters. A simulation of a practically real space that helps customers even more to make a better choice of product.

In addition, with this technology they can also detect defects, faults or production errors. The system that was designed for the Virtual Reality room allows the exhaustive examination of all the products manufactured in the company. This testing is carried out at real size and with a rigorous inspection capacity, designed thanks to specific tools for each machine model. In short, this technology has become a multifunctional solution for Argilés, with which to show the product they manufacture without the need to physically have it, and to carry out in-depth studies of each machine when necessary.

Client feedback
The VR Showroom solution, which Invelon developed for our company, allows us to show our machines to customers without the need to have them manufactured, as well as to carry out all the tests and adjustments with the checks they believe necessary. This also offers us the possibility of not accumulating machinery that is not going to be sold in the short term, and of course, of not having to invest in the manufacture of a product that has not yet been sold. By acquiring and investing in these new technologies, our company is also more competitive in this aspect and will increase our profits.

Ferran Iturbe, Argilés CEO

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