Accelerating industrial productivity

Increase the potential for industrial productivity

Vuforia Studio is a powerful and easy to use solution that allows industrial companies to create assisted and scalable Augmented Reality experiences quickly. In general, the creation of Augmented Reality content requires sophisticated tools, expensive resources and long development cycles. However, the Vuforia Studio environment, with built-in support for voice navigation, allows users to quickly create 2D interactions for RealWear and Vuzix devices, without any programming.

Improve processes and products, with increased safety and productivity

  • Accelerate content creation, using the existing CAD 3D and animated sequences.
  • Make company scalability more agile by gaining access and seeing experiences using just one application.
  • Provide information easily, using data from company systems and IoT in real time.

Identify your product and all product details with a simple scan

  • Vuforia Studio recognises specific objects in the real world based on their shape, using Vuforia Studio Model Targets.
  • By simply scanning the object of choice, the registered product information will appear on the screen, suspended above it.
  • Vuforia Studio can be applied in multiple sectors and applications, such as home appliances, vehicles and industrial equipment, as well as others.

Achieve maximum efficiency by incorporating a Mixed Reality device

  • Vuforia Studio makes the most of the efficiency of Microsoft HoloLens 2 to carry out actions and voice commands, being a hands-free device.
  • Microsoft HoloLens is useful for different applications such as the display of virtual products, technical assistance or maintenance and training.
  • Instant collaboration tool that makes it possible to work as a team from anywhere.


Reduces development costs
Reduces task completion time
The IoT data provides company scalability
Digitise and organise expert knowledge
Increase agility and productivity
Capture and expand knowledge

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