At Invelon we are official distributors of Pico Virtual Reality equipment. The Pico brand offers Virtual Reality glasses with optimal resolution for a unique experience. Our team is specialized in developing Virtual Reality solutions and integrating them with the necessary Pico hardware to offer complete solutions. In addition, we also offer technical service and support whenever needed.

Marketing and sales

High-end, top-quality products that offer a unique and realistic customer experience.


Specialised for high-risk safety simulations and maintenance procedures.

Art and tourism

Equipment for the artistic and cultural heritage sector, providing an innovative alternative.

Compatible with our VR solutions

All Pico equipment integrates seamlessly with our Virtual Reality solutions. As a result, we are able to offer our customers free-motion experiences with optimal resolution.

Designed for increased business productivity

Pico's Virtual Reality viewers are designed to work in work environments and across the entire product lifecycle, from production and design to sales and customer service.

Pico Neo 3 Pro


Perfect for any business looking for a 6DoF solution with a stunning upgraded curved display that enables 90Hz experiences. Lighter and more compact.

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