New HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Glasses: pre-order period active for INVELON customers

June 25, 2020

At INVELON we are known for offering all kinds of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for companies in different sectors. The new HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality (VR) glasses (See Product) are destined to surprise due to their improved features. In order for you to be one of the first to see the advantages of this product first hand, INVELON offers you the possibility to reserve your new HP Reverb G2 glasses.

At Invelon, as an official HP partner, we have an active PRE-ORDER period for customers who reserve the first units, plus a special discount.

The new HP Reverb G2, discover all its secrets
  • The product is causing a huge sensation among Virtual Reality lovers, as HP has managed to achieve near perfection thanks to the development in collaboration with the companies Valve and Microsoft. The companies have announced that the HP Reverb G2, WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) glasses maintain some of the virtues of the previous models, but come with many new features, including off-ear speakers, new lenses that correct problems such as blind or blurred areas and new front cameras for tracking the controls, also redesigned. We detail its features below:
  • Ultra-sharp resolution. With an LCD panel of 2160 x 2160 per eye and a definition of 9.3 million pixels, much higher than other models on sale, it provides more clarity, contrast and increased brightness by approximately 30%. Thus achieving an impressive visual experience, with more detail and very difficult to achieve with other models.
  • Realistic images. Thanks to its four integrated cameras that are connected to two ergonomic and lightweight controllers - which include two buttons and a central joystick - it allows an immediate response time to actions and, therefore, we have an excellent quality in tracking and performance without the need to use external sensors or light bars.
  • Industry-leading lenses and speakers designed by Valve. The brand has become an industry leader thanks to the light weight and clarity of its lenses. A manual slider, which can be adjusted by the user, will prevent blind spots and blurred images when moving too fast. On the other hand, the built-in off-ear headphones allow for fully immersive spatial audio. These headphones are kept 10 millimetres from the user's ear, which avoids discomfort, but increases the sensation of surround sound and enhances the realism of the 3D experience.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design. These new Virtual Reality glasses are designed to be comfortable with a longer wearing time. Made with flexible material, a larger cushion that fits over the head and lenses that can be adjusted depending on the user's eye distances to experience a custom fit regardless of the size and shape of the face. In addition, the user can easily turn their head 90 degrees when moving back and forth from the virtual world to the real world. On the other hand, the controls have been redesigned to resemble the Oculus Touch controllers: in this new version of the Reverb, the trackpad has been removed, and two buttons have been added to make them more manageable.
  • Optimised for industry-wide compatibility. If you're looking for a system that allows you to quickly and easily access all virtual reality content, you've hit the nail on the head with the new HP Reverb G2. Developed in conjunction with Microsoft, they are compatible with both SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality3.
Availability and price of the HP Reverb G2 Goggles

The new Mixed Reality glasses, developed by HP in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, will be available in autumn 2020 at a price of €599. At INVELON, we offer the possibility to be one of the first to purchase this product. So, you can <strong>pre-order your HP Reverb G2</strong> and also enjoy an exclusive PRE-ORDER discount for early adopter customers. This pre-order option will only be available during the month of July, with a deposit of 300€ that can be made through our web platform or by email to

Some applications and uses of HP Reverb G2 glasses

The applications of the new HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality glasses are multiple, although we can divide them into three main groups that may become necessary to carry out your business activity.

Design and collaborative work

Thanks to the possibilities offered by this new HP product, you will be able to design your products or redesign them according to your needs. A sketch, the final result of your product and even how you want it to be presented to customers. You will be able to generate a unique virtual experience with your product, walk through its design and correct any errors that may be detected thanks to the use of the new generation of HP Reverb. It is also very useful for the development of group projects with other professionals, such as engineers. All the participants will be able to modify what is necessary, explaining the errors found, as well as the virtues and visualising the options available to them, as they can see what the finished product would look like before it is manufactured.

Simulation and training

There are many occasions when it is necessary to carry out maintenance or construction work that can be quite risky for employees. Thanks to a series of programmes compatible with Virtual Reality glasses, you can create dangerous or risky simulations so that workers can practice how to approach their task safely and be prepared. In the same way, we can correct any mistakes made during the simulation so that they do not occur in a real situation.

When it comes to training students or professionals, we can say that "a picture is worth a thousand words", as the use of the HP Reverb G2 glasses helps trainees to retain concepts with ease. Virtual Reality transports them to situations where they have to apply their knowledge to solve a problem they are faced with. The students will be able to move into the situations and apply what they have learned in a real environment and make the training more dynamic, fun and with better academic results.


Virtual Reality in games is here to stay, and it is an application that we can also make the most of in our company. Thanks to the use of the HP Reverb G2, we can get to know the aptitudes of an employee before hiring them by presenting them with a game that allows them to face an everyday situation in their job. We can also test their reaction, resilience and control in different day-to-day circumstances.

Get to know Invelon's customised solutions with the HP Reverb G2

At INVELON we know that the use of Virtual Reality has diverse applications and great benefits that can become the best complement to your business activity, regardless of the sector you work in. In this way, we divide our offer of Virtual Reality solutions according to the functions to be carried out:

Design Departments

The incorporation of Virtual Reality in design departments marks a before and after in most companies, since the advantages of using the HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality glasses allow us to improve aspects such as:

  • The speed in the creation of prototypes by encouraging the interaction of several working groups and different departments, such as the product development department, the engineering department and the design department. It also allows us to be more precise in the finishing of the product, reducing the design risk of the product when it goes to manufacturing.
  • The ability to analyse full-scale files. For example, the use of 3D scale models to check the real dimensions, components and parts of the product and to be able to test it virtually in a specific space.
  • The possibility of testing the adaptability of the final product to the exact situation in which it will be used with the consequent saving of time and costs, increasing agility and flexibility with product tests in a virtual environment before creating the final product.
Formación y protocolos

The incorporation of Virtual Reality in the classroom is being a revolution in the education of students and we can see significant improvements in the learning curve of those attending job training courses. This is due to the fact that by being able to put concepts into practice, trainees can apply this knowledge to a simulated but real situation and give value to the teachers' explanations.

Likewise, with the HP Reverb G2 and the adapted solutions that we offer at INVELON, each student will learn in a practical and dynamic way, while at the same time minimising errors due to the fact that they have already practiced and can be corrected.

This technology also allows us to have multiple participants and to carry out VR training, as well as to achieve telematic certifications because they can be examined remotely.

Advanced information visualisation

If we have Virtual Reality glasses like the new HP Reverb G2, we can visualise the content and data we have in our cloud and improve the capture of information, as we can analyse information sent in real time, such as changes in temperature or location, for example. Access to information is much more immediate, understandable and efficient, making our work easier and helping us to obtain better results.

Simulations of dangerous situations

Without a doubt, VR is a key tool in occupational risk prevention training. With Virtual Reality, we are using the learning by doing method or, in other words, learning by doing. As we have mentioned before, we put into practice the theoretical concepts and help students to assimilate the information better and put it into practice to determine possible errors.

We also have the possibility to offer practical classes using the HP Reverb G2 glasses. In the form of a tutorial, the student is guided to follow the indications and learn by experiment how to act. In the same way, we can evaluate the student while examining his or her actions in a specific situation.

Machine clones or Digital Twin

The creation of a virtual clone of a machine is always positive for a company, as it allows to know its impact on the production process.

With the incorporation of Virtual Reality, machine data can be analysed in real time: specific reports are issued and an immersive system is provided to view the data in 3D. Also, you can create step-by-step maintenance guides to keep your company's machines in perfect condition and detect the points where they fail in order to solve them conveniently.

Another of the great advantages of the Digital Twin is to know and manage manufacturing workflows. Organisation and technology are key to managing the work in the most cutting-edge companies, allowing the computerisation and automation of data from our machinery and making it much more accessible to all business departments.

Thus, the HP Reverb G2 can be the key that opens a new stage in your company, betting on innovation to facilitate the work and improve the results of your business projects. In this new path for your business, we offer you the possibility of acquiring the new model of HP Reverb G2 with a special discount for those who decide to reserve them during this month of July with a deposit of 300€, before its release to the market and thus, become pioneering entrepreneurs in the use of the latest technologies in Virtual Reality.

Así, las HP Reverb G2 pueden ser la llave que abra una nueva etapa en tu empresa, apostando por la innovación para facilitar el trabajo y mejorar los resultados de tus proyectos empresariales. En este nuevo camino para tu negocio, te ofrecemos la posibilidad de adquirir el nuevo modelo de HP Reverb G2 con un descuento especial para los que decidan reservarlas durante este mes de julio con un depósito de 300€, antes de su salida al mercado y así, convertirse en empresarios pioneros en el uso de las últimas tecnologías en Realidad Virtual.

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