AR Applications: Augmented Reality in logistics and warehouse management

March 26, 2019

New technologies are a challenge for companies in all sectors. We all have to update ourselves to the new changes in order to adapt to today's society, applying new technological solutions to our businesses. And especially in sectors such as logistics, renewing and adapting working methods with new technological tools is a key factor in order to be able to offer the solutions required by today's customers.

As we already know, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become key technologies to improve the day-to-day life of many companies. And especially Augmented Reality stands out in the logistics sector, providing great help to streamline the maintenance and management of warehouses, further optimising the work to be done.

How is Augmented Reality used in the logistics sector?

Thanks to Augmented Reality, large companies in the logistics sector have increased their productivity by 10 to 15%. And this is not a one-off case: more and more companies are incorporating Augmented Reality into their work methodologies to promote faster and more efficient methods.

Augmented Reality can be used at many points in the logistics chain to streamline any process and assist operators in warehouse management. Most benefits are found during the picking process of searching and selecting items in a warehouse to prepare or store orders. With a Virtual or Augmented Reality system, the operator can see in real time where each item is located, as well as receive information about the quantity of products in the warehouse and better visualise the space available to store products.

And Augmented Reality is not only used during picking and other selection tasks, it also helps to choose the most efficient and optimal routes without the need for prior planning. This advantage can be applied both in the transport of products, to calculate the best routes based on distance and traffic conditions, as well as within the warehouse itself, to reach the point where the item is located by the fastest route.

Nor can we forget about training: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are key technologies for training future operators and helping them to learn the most optimal work methodologies to improve the productivity of their work.

Augmented Reality solutions for the logistics sector

At Invelon we offer Augmented Reality solutions for companies in the logistics sector. We have the TeamViewer Frontline xPick vision picking solution, a patented and award-winning solution that facilitates manual order picking, incoming, outgoing and sorting of goods, inventory control, sequencing and more processes in logistics and warehousing departments.

TeamViewer Frontline xPick allows you to visualise all the information of the logistics process in Augmented and Mixed Reality, being able to locate your products and their data with a simple scan. Thanks to xPick you will be able to optimise your logistics processes to the maximum with the hands free option, increasing agility and productivity during picking.

Benefits of applying Augmented Reality in logistics companies

Como ya hemos mencionado, la ventaja principal de aplicar la Realidad Aumentada en una empresa logística es la productividad: las tareas de selección, preparación de pedidos, transporte y gestión de almacenes e incluso los procesos de formación se realizan más rápidamente que de forma manual. Así pues, las soluciones de Realidad Virtual y Aumentada para la logística y gestión de almacenes nos ofrecen grandes beneficios en torno al aumento y mejora de la productividad:

As we have already mentioned, the main advantage of applying Augmented Reality in a logistics company is productivity: picking tasks, order preparation, transport and warehouse management and even training processes are carried out more quickly than manually. Therefore, Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for logistics and warehouse management offer great benefits in terms of increased and improved productivity:

  • They increase the speed of picking processes
  • Optimise picking tasks and storage processes
  • They help to make better decisions
  • They reduce the margin of error
  • Provide comfort and ease for workers
Other applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the workplace

As we have seen, both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offer great benefits in different work sectors. And not only in the logistics sector, these new work tools help us to improve and speed up any work process. Nowadays, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already applied in many other different sectors:

  • Design departments
  • Architecture
  • Simulation of dangerous situations
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Museums
  • Cultural heritage
  • Education
  • Advanced information visualisation
  • Product catalogue
  • Training and protocol

It is estimated that in the coming years, Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies will revolutionise industry and other work sectors with the aim of making them more efficient and productive. Because the main goal of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is to help people make their daily lives easier.

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